Body Benefits From Martial Arts, Part 2

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Fast-paced classes might leave you feeling like you just ran a marathon, but they help develop your cardiovascular endurance. A healthy heart is just one of the things cardiovascular workouts improve. Increased blood flow helps clean your body of toxins quicker than a sluggish couch potato. Combinations of lightning fast punches and kicks will bring out the sweat and heavy breathing. Don’t be concerned about your speed at first. Concentrate on learning the movements themselves. Speed will come later with practice.

After a few months, you’ll notice some changes. Maybe you can do a solid 20 push-ups when ten used to wear you out. Maybe you’ve got some abdominal muscles showing — your long-lost six-pack has come home. Maybe you can finally touch your toes. Perhaps that aching back is finally going away. Things might feel a lot more “in line” than before. It’s a great feeling to realize that your body has naturally grown accustomed to the stress you’ve placed on it and excelled. Make sure you keep increasing the demands you place on your body gradually so your level of fitness will keep improving as well.

Mentally, your thinking is likely sharper than before. You make decisions rapidly and confidently. Your level of stress may be decreased as you find yourself not getting upset so easily.

Spiritually, life may take on a new meaning. Certainly you won’t undergo a major transformation, but martial arts help place things into perspective. Suddenly the person who cuts you off driving down the street isn’t worth wasting energy on. You’ve got other things to do. This ability to not sweat the small stuff may also improve your immune system. Perhaps you won’t suffer from colds as much as you used to.

This doesn’t mean that martial arts are a cure-all.

They’re not. But martial arts can offer you ways of relieving pain, methods for improving your overall health and physique while simultaneously calming your mind and spirit, which you might never have considered before.

Martial arts are more than a bunch of flying kicks and simple screams. It’s a lifestyle that will develop you completely. Along the way, the health benefits will amaze you.

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