Can Carbohydrates Fight PMS?

By EricComments Off on Can Carbohydrates Fight PMS?

For millions of women premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can be uncomfortable, emotional and downright painful. But scientists at Harvard have found what may be a simple solution.

It sounds too easy, but the right food or drink at the right time may make all the difference.

Researchers gave 24 women simple carbohydrate drinks. About three hours later the women reported fewer mood swings, less depression and less anger. They theorize that may be because a piece of fruit or a glass of juice can help control a woman’s rapidly changing blood sugar levels.

Complex carbohydrates, such as vegetables, grains and pastas, may be even better because it takes your body longer to absorb them. You might try a small breakfast, frequent meals a few hours apart, and a vegetable or juice when you feel bad.

The study makes sense. If your doctor says it’s OK for you, a carbohydrate-a-day is an inexpensive, healthy option.

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