Gardening Is Great Exercise

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Springtime gardening can be a grueling task. But, it’s good to know that cleanup chores, planting and lawn care do burn calories. Studies show that an individual can expend just as much energy performing some gardening tasks as they would participating in some exercise routines. Which would you rather do?

Gardening is an ideal exercise. It can be a challenging workout without being as stressful on the joints as running or aerobics. Weeding, planting and raking all burn calories in addition to being great stress relievers. Gardeners not only reap the physical benefits, they are also rewarded by seeing beautiful flowers bloom and enjoying an abundance of fresh vegetables to eat.

Gardening shouldn’t take the place of your regular exercise routine, but it is a great addition to one. As with other forms of exercise, it is a good idea to warm up and stretch first to avoid possible injury. Don’t overdue it, especially in the beginning. Divide the yard and chores up starting with small sections at a time.

When you plan on spending time on your knees, it is a good idea to use a foam cushion to kneel on. Remember to get up and stretch periodically to avoid soreness the next day. It is also a good idea to have a water bottle handy, especially when the weather is hot to avoid dehydration. You should always wear protective clothing to keep the sun and insects off of you. A good sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat are recommended along with insect repellent when necessary.

Be sure to use a lightweight shovel, and like shoveling snow, you should bend at the knees being careful not to carry too heavy a load. The same goes for loading the wheelbarrow. Make several extra trips with lighter loads as opposed to one or two, too heavy loads.

When carrying those bags of mulch, fertilizer, seed or landscape rock, remember to lift from the knees to protect your back. If you already have a weak or bad back, find someone to help you.

While getting your yard in shape, think about all those calories you’ll be burning along with toning your muscles and building your strength. Soon your body will look as good as your yard!

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