Your First Workout, Part 2

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I personally do not prefer full-body workouts for my 3-day/week trainees. It is quite difficult to work the entire body 3 times per week and also perform cardio 3-5 times per week without overtraining and getting burned out. I prefer a type of routine called a “split routine”. Continue reading this entry »


Your First Workout, Part 1

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You’re determined that this will be the year that you actually keep your New Year’s resolution. You are going to join a gym, and you are going to get in shape! Perfect! Only now you need to have a plan. What are you going to do once you get to the gym? Copy someone else? Hope for the best? Not this time! This time you are going in armed with an arsenal of knowledge. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite workouts for beginning trainees. Continue reading this entry »


Spinals Stretches

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Waist Twist Stretch: Sit straddling a flat or abdominal bench with one leg on each side of the bench. Sit upright with shoulders perpendicular to the bench. Turn the shoulders clock-wise, while maintaining upright posture. Continue reading this entry »


Using Email to Attract and Keep Members. Part 3

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Email content

There are many topics you can include in your email, depending on your audience. Keep a separate list of current members and prospective members, and create separate emails. Following are some ideas about what to include. Continue reading this entry »


Using Email to Attract and Keep Members. Part 2

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Keeping your list current

The safest way to build your email list is to have people “double opt in.” When people give you their addresses by card or on the Internet, it is the first opt in. Then, when you send them a confirmation via email to confirm that they’d like to continue receiving emails from you, this is the second opt in. Continue reading this entry »


Using Email to Attract and Keep Members. Part 1

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The Internet may be more visible than email, but assuming your goals are sales, service and retention, your email strategies will always outperform your Internet strategies. Here are some reasons why: Most of your memberscheck their email daily, or at least weekly, but few of them visit your facility’s website weekly. Continue reading this entry »


Whole Brain Management, Part 2

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In contrast, the right brain is non-verbal, so it operates in matters difficult to put into words or understand in logical steps — things you must have a “feel for.” Spatially oriented, the right hemisphere deals with pictures, wholes and the relationship between the parts. Recognizing faces or assembling jigsaw puzzles is possible though the right side. Responsible for synthesis and holistic perception, the right brain sees the whole picture. Continue reading this entry »


Whole Brain Management, Part 1

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Many managers focus on methods of efficiency and doing things right, rather than on effectiveness or doing the right things, claims management philosopher and consultant Peter Drucker. Organizations typically lose sight of their mission within a few years of establishment and instead of pressing ahead, continue with past successful practices, regardless of their current applicability. Traditions die hard, and if it’s not broken, why fix it?

This type of management typically lacks creativity, shuns risk-taking and, ultimately, stifles growth. Year after year, conducting the same programs eventually can foster boredom on the part of your staff and disinterest from your members or community.

There was a story about three teachers who were told they had been selected for a special project due to their creative genius. They were assigned 90 high-IQ students and told they could move these students through the next year at their own pace to see how much they could learn. By the end of the experiment, the students had achieved 30 percent more than other students in the area.

Following the experiment, the principal called the teachers in and told them, “I have a confession to make. The students selected were not high-IQ types, but were merely selected at random from the system.” The teachers responded by saying, “This means that we are exceptional teachers.” The principal confessed once again, “Your names were the first three drawn from the hat of all teachers in the system.”

Changing your management style from implementing accepted, stable methods to generating new, creative practices can help you more effectively manage your staff and better satisfy your members. To do this, it is important to understand how your brain influences your leadership.

Each half of the brain has a separate train of conscious thought and memories. The left and right hemispheres differentiate by specializing in, and presiding over, separate functions, processing different kinds of information and dealing with distinct types of problems. Although both sides of the brain are active, one side is typically dominate and can inhibit the other.

The left brain is logical, analytical, orderly, linear and sequential — the side that handles complex math. We use the left brain to learn a skill or technique by analyzing it or breaking it down. The left brain sees only part of the whole picture. The left hemisphere is literal, objective, time-bound and controls speech well.

The left side is also responsible for competition, philosophical thought and comprehension of political authority and social values.

A typical left-brain dominant person makes “to-do” lists, takes copious notes, researches prior to taking action, can easily understand financial reports and keeps talking until his/her point is made.



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Unfortunately, we do not know what triggers most thyroid problems. Thus, there is no known effective way to prevent these conditions.
A healthy thyroid gland does need enough iodine to be able to makes its hormones. In some parts of the world, especially in Africa, China and some areas of southern Europe near the Mediterranean Sea, the amount of iodine in the diet is very low. Continue reading this entry »


Buying Home Exercise Equipment, Part 2

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Choose a treadmill with proper cushioning on its platform.
Look for monitors that display time, speed, distance and calories burned. Continue reading this entry »

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