Depression Natural Remedy

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Most of us feel down at some point in our lives, but clinical depression is a serious condition that requires professional help. Mood swings, stress and emotional upsets are all part of everyday life. Usually we will cope very well with these daily demands but now and again they become too much for us to cope with. Continue reading this entry »

Physical Fitness May Defend Against Temporary Hearing Loss

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Temporary hearing loss lasting up to two minutes can result from exposure to brief high levels of noise such as the racket caused by jackhammers and airplane traffic. In addition to hearing loss, noise causes elevated heart rates and blood pressure in individuals. Now a group of researchers has conducted a study indicating physical fitness may be a defense against temporary hearing loss. Continue reading this entry »

Take Five

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Quick Fixes for Fighting Stress

Does juggling work, family and personal commitments leave you feeling frazzled and stressed out? Are you running yourself ragged? We asked relaxation experts for some quick fixes to help you take advantage of the limited downtime in your day.These series of five-minute tips can be done when you’re waiting at the bus stop, stuck in traffic or sitting in front of your computer. Coming in the next few weeks: help for your feet, your back and your psyche.
Tip No. 1: Breathe. We Mean It.

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